August 2020


5 Benefits of Networking in Women Church Groups

If you have ever called another woman’s ministry leader, talked to at least one at a conference, emailed someone a few programs, or been told what your women church groups are doing at an associational event, you have just networked! Networking enables Christian women to make meaningful relationships through which they will see what’s happening in other churches and denominations. Together, they will search for help and answers to needs… Read More »5 Benefits of Networking in Women Church Groups


How to Build Online Church Community

With the government calling for social distancing thanks to the coronavirus pandemic have forced churches to cancel weekly gatherings. Many church leaders decided to build a church community online. To help facilitate this, church consulting groups and non-secular leaders have posted guides to deal with concerns that pastors have about creating an online ministry – technological issues and resources required to form this move. A survey of 1,500 church leaders… Read More »How to Build Online Church Community