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October 2020

Youth in prayer

Southshore 101: How to Create a Youth Sermon

Youth sermons, are they important? Most would say they are but are they necessary? The truth is that most preachers would love to have one of those huge church camps where all the kids come, and they all sing hymns and praise God. Unfortunately, though most camps teach the kids only what they need to hear from a book, without the scriptures and the Bible’s true stories, kids lose out… Read More »Southshore 101: How to Create a Youth Sermon

man praying with a bible

Why Do Churches Need a Men’s Ministry?

Men’s Ministry is an organization devoted to instructing young men on how they can become effective leaders of the body of Christ in today’s world. Men’s Ministry also works to strengthen men in the local church community, especially young men in danger of leaving the faith because of pressure from friends or family who are unwilling to let them move forward. I recently had a wonderful experience with a Men’s… Read More »Why Do Churches Need a Men’s Ministry?

kid with laptop

How to Maintain an Online Church for Kids

A few years ago, I attended a seminar on how to start an online church for kids. In it, I got an earful about all the negative press that “traditional” churches have gotten lately. It’s not my fault; although the media has done a good job of making us think that our children will be safer if we have a brick and mortar church, the statistics don’t back this up.… Read More »How to Maintain an Online Church for Kids

bible on top of a laptop

Pros and Cons of an Online Church

Online Church, virtual church, cyberchurch, or virtual church refer to an array of popular ways that Christian sects can use the Internet to facilitate all their religious functions, especially prayer, worship, and preaching. Earlier, I have said that this new age of Internet Ministries is the new church, which is the perfect vehicle for Christian sects to proclaim the gospel of our Saviour Jesus Christ to all the world. As… Read More »Pros and Cons of an Online Church