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June 2021

Church for kids new normal

Church For Kids In The New Normal Way

Churches across the nation have spent almost a year waiting for the “new normal” to start. For many places of worship, the time has finally come. Regular services and extra activities are finally getting back in to full swing. For those in the children’s ministry, the question now remains, “What exactly is the new normal?” Keeping children enthused about church was already difficult. How can children’s ministries today incorporate new… Read More »Church For Kids In The New Normal Way

attending church

Why Attending Church Is Beneficial To You

For many people attending church is just something you do because you always have. Perhaps your parents always took you to church, so you simply carried on the tradition without giving it much thought. Or perhaps you have never attended church and you feel that you’ve been okay so far without it, what’s the big deal? Church can be an important and enriching experience on many levels. It is important to… Read More »Why Attending Church Is Beneficial To You