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Are Internet Churches Really the New Religion?

Internet Churches

Internet Church, virtual church, cyberspace church, internet church, virtual holy church, or virtual holy church all refer to an array of methods which Christian religious organizations may utilize the web to facilitate their regular religious functions, especially worship, interaction, prayer, and preaching. The Internet allows users to share, exchange, and access information in almost every field imaginable, including business, science, medicine, politics, education, and yes – even religion! With the growth of the World Wide Web, it has never been easier for people of faith to share their thoughts and their faith with the rest of the world. It is this global reach that makes the Internet such a powerful, valuable, and effective tool for churches and other religious organizations.

As mentioned above, when planning a worship service on the Internet, the first thing you need is an internet connection. Even if you are planning on just sharing basic information about your faith with members only, it is wise to have a high-speed computer or laptop. By using a USB, wireless, or broadband modem you will be able to communicate with others who have a slower computer and/or wireless connection. This makes the Internet Church much more viable for regular worship! Additionally, try to pick a time of day when Internet access is not as busy as when doing a service at night or on a weekend.

A second important consideration is that in a traditional physical church you as the pastor or church elder are physically present when your church services are being conducted! When you are presenting sermons and sharing your faith through your computer screen, there is a tendency that the actual person who is hearing the message may be far away from you. It can be quite challenging to have a meaningful and profound discussion with someone who is thousands of miles away! The digital church is a perfect solution to this problem. Not only can you be present but you will never miss a beat of your uplifting message.

Another important consideration has to do with time management. Internet churches are probably the most time effective of all the churches. When you attend one of these digital churches, you are able to discuss things with fellow members who are located anywhere in the world. Instead of driving to another city to attend a traditional Christian service, you can stay present at home and discuss biblical passages while watching a video or listening to online groups.

There are also issues arising when comparing the traditional brick and mortar church to the internet church. The biggest issue is that some people fear that by not being physically present at church services they might be tempted to skip church and go straight to the pornography rack. That is simply not true! While there will be a temptation, you will be very far away from the point of temptation! Having an Internet Church gives you the opportunity to discuss and teach about pornography in a safe setting while still being able to be present for prayer and worship.

The truth is that there are so many churches that have failed because people did not take the time to find them. They just disappeared one day. This will not happen with an internet church. These churches are very easy to find. You can visit their websites and see what they are talking about. So, the next time you are doubting God’s provision, just log on and see for yourself that there is indeed life after death and eternal life with Jesus.