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“Pastor Brent, Our Executive Leadership Team and our Arise Board made the very difficult decision to suspend all of our public gatherings. We haven’t wanted to cancel our gatherings, but the Bible is clear that we should submit to our governing authorities (1 Peter 2:13-17) and we felt it was the best way of loving our neighbor as we attempt to limit public gatherings and the spread of this virus.

We realize that some will applaud this decision while others will not like it. Just know, this decision was made through much prayer, Godly council and soul searching. We believe that our church will Rise Up and that this will end up being an opportunity for God’s light to shine through us individually during this dark and unprecedented pandemic.

We will be going live often online to keep everyone connected digitally and will still be hosting online services on Sundays, daily live prayer, and other daily content. We are calling this ARISE TV and you can see the schedule for that and for ARISE Kids and ARISE YTH below!”


Monday through Saturday: Live Prayer | on Facebook at 12pm
Sunday: Sunday Experience | on Facebook, YouTube, and Website at 9am & 11am
Monday: Motivational Monday | with Pastor Tina | on Facebook at 10am
Tuesday: Live Q&A | with Pastor Brent | on Facebook at 9pm
Wednesday: Midweek Oasis Bible Study | with Pastor Ken | on Facebook and YouTube at 7pm
Thursday: Top Ten Thursday | with Pastor Josh | on Facebook at 9pm
Friday: Fun Friday | with Pastor Keren | on Facebook | Times will vary
Saturday: Sports Talk Saturday | with Pastor Joshua | on Facebook at 5pm


Sunday: ARISE Kids JR. Worship Experience (Birth-4 Years Old)  | on YouTube at 9am
Sunday: ARISE Kids Worship Experience (1st-5th Grade) | on YouTube at 9am
Tuesday: Wonderful Worship Wimpy (Time of Praise and Worship) | on YouTube at 10am
Friday: ARISE Kids Talk (Weekly Talk Show with Stripes the Puppet and Special Guest) | on YouTube at 12pm
There will also be daily devotions and activities for families and children to engage in together. Like the ARISE Kids Facebook Page to stay up to date!


Weekdays: Live Prayer | on Instagram at 2pm
Tuesday & Thursday: LDR Hangout | on Instagram
Wednesday: Kick’n It W/ Keke | on YouTube at 7pm
Every Other Week: Live Q&A | on Instagram
Follow ARISE YTH on Instagram to stay up to date with everything happening online!