Unchained Identity Conference

“There is a worn-out cycle Satan unleashes on the heart of a person. He is a thief, he knows you, he hates you, and he wants to steal your identity. He creeps in to kill, steal and destroy God’s plan for your life (John 10:10). He is not creative with his assault because what he is using has worked for centuries. His agenda is a repeating play of rejection, isolation, abandonment, and distrust. It continues to debut with different actors at the various stages of your life. The play has the same ending. It leaves you defeated and sinking deeper into a den of distrust. (Taken from “God’s View Today” by Phyllis Tarbox and Kathleen Peck)

Phyllis Tarbox is our host for this weekend of “Unchained Identity.” Phyllis is a NCCA-Licensed Clinical Pastoral Counselor and Professional Clinical Member of the National Christian Counselors Association with her PhD from Cornerstone University. She is a full time Christian Counselor specializing in deliverance.

Phyllis is Vice President of Above & Beyond Counseling Ministries, Inc., a counseling/deliverance Center and educational Academy founded by Dr. Donald J. Ibbitson. The Center and Academy, with offices in Tampa and Clearwater, FL, services clients and students locally and worldwide via the internet.

Phyllis co-hosted God’s View Today, a 23 episode show on YouTube and has Co-authored with Kathleen Peck “God’s View Today-Adjusting the Lens on Healing and Deliverance.”

Session 1- Friday January, 31 7pm- Exposing Generational Cycles of Bondage and Ungodly Soul-Ties
Session 2- Saturday, Feb 1st, 9 am- Freedom from Bitterness
Session 3- Saturday, Feb 1st, 1pm-Prayer and Activation

This weekend is set aside for the breaker anointing of God to unchain your identity! Come prepared to receive what God has for you.”

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Jan 31 2020 - Feb 01 2020


7:00 pm - 9:00 pm



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