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Five Tips to Involve New Comers with Your Church Community: Our Guide


Do you want to put more effort into bringing new people into your church and forming a lasting community? For you to achieve that, you’ll have to get out of your way to connect with individuals, making them feel like someone cares for them, looks out for them, and wants the best for them. Then, find a myriad of ways to get them to interact with church activities, slowly getting them acquainted with each other and feeling one with the community.

Although it may sound tough, it’s merely a process of building relationships. At the same time, you’ll need to ensure that this process happens continuously as your church grows.

To help you with your efforts, here are five tips to involve newcomers with your church community:

1. Allow them To Decide for Themselves

When you don’t force people to do everything you tell them to do, they’ll feel less of a “slave” and more of a member of a community. Especially if it’s their first time around you and your members, you will want them to feel less burdened so that they’ll be more open to you. Remember that it is all right for them to say “no” sometimes.

2. Make Them Feel like a Partner

Rather than telling them to fill in as teacher for a Bible study class when you are not around, give them the opportunity to do the actual work. For example, allow them to lead out in worship, carry out community services, or plan for a church activity. That way, they’ll feel like they’re doing something for the community instead of merely “filling in.”

Even if they’re leading out a Bible study, communicate to them clearly of how much you appreciate what they do so that they’ll have a sense of value in what they do.

3. Find What They Like to Do

While you might be tempted to tell people what to do, you should allow them to do what they like. Remember, newcomers don’t only have to serve on the stage. They can do the same by creating art and sharing songs to help in the ministry.

Because of this, you must know what each of your members likes to do and what their hobbies are. That way, when you allow them to do what they want, they’ll feel more satisfied with helping the church.

4. Keep on Communicating

Remember, never stop communicating, especially with the newcomers in your church. When new members show up, tell them how much their presence and actions are making a difference to the church. While doing so, listen to what they have to say as well. When they share their problems and concerns, show that you care and are more than happy to listen to them.

5. Show Your Human Side

No one ever wants to be in a community that’s led by a person who barely acts human, let alone shows emotions at all.

Rather than showing yourself only on the pulpit every weekend, hold events that’ll allow people to see your personal side. When people can share great food, participate in fun activities, and generally find out what a great person you are, they won’t just see you as a leader, but more so like a friend.

Wrapping up

When you implement the tips above into your efforts to bring in new members, you’ll soon find that you can connect with them on a more personal level. When that happens, they might come more often. If they like what they see within your church community, they might even bring their friends to join in as well! When everyone’s happy together, working in tandem for the same goal, a lasting community is formed.

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