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Groups are open on December 24

Why Groups?

ARISE Groups are the heartbeat of our church. As our church continues to grow, we must fight for ways to keep it small. That is why Groups are so important. Groups make a big church feel like a small church. Sundays are busy, and we don’t
always have time to catch up and talk with people, but we get to do this in Groups.

Freedom is found in the context of relationships, so while you’re in a group, it’s essential that we are building and developing healthy relationships with others while also encouraging them in the things of the Lord. People aren’t projects; people are people, and we need to make sure we are journeying with them throughout every season of life, including the off-season of Groups.

As we are intentional about having healthy relationships with others, we will find that we will have a healthy Group, and if we have a healthy Group, we will have a healthy church! The goal is not a big church or a big Group but to grow 
closer to God and others!


Arise groups have been a blessing to me and my family! I have been a part of at least ten groups! Every single one is special and unique, from the leaders to the new connections I’ve made! Learning from others and sharing experiences, really learning to do life with my church family, has helped me grow as a believer and person.
I have also had the privilege of leading groups and helping others grow in their faith and community as well. Groups help you go from being an Arise member to creating family-like relationships. I can’t recommend enough how essential groups are, and I pray everyone finds a group from this season of life!


Dania Sanchez


Within ARISE Group, I’ve connected with friends I might not have otherwise met. We pray, laugh, support each other through tough times, and share life beyond the confines of the church walls. Our intentional gatherings to delve into recent sermons have also deepened my spiritual growth.


Amy Royse

Important Dates:

Group Sign Ups: December 24th @ 8:30 AM

First Week of Groups: January 8th - 12th

Frequently Asked Questions

Arise Groups run for three 12-week seasons with a month’s break in between.

When groups are in session, you can click the button above & it will take you to Planning Center or Church Center where you can view available groups. Find a group you like and join!

Reach out to the leader! When you view the group in Church/Planning Center, a link is always available on that group’s page that allows you to email the leader directly.

On Church/Planning Center, you can filter for groups based on many things, such as: day of the week, frequency, type of group, age, and stage of life!

That’s okay! Just communicate with your leader so they know you won’t be there. We miss you when you cannot attend, but we understand that things come up. Please note that if you miss 3 weeks in a row and do not communicate or respond to
your leader, you will be removed from the group.

Discipleship groups are video-based teachings that walk through the essentials of Christian living. This will be the primary Group during Season 01 of 2024