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How to Build Online Church Community


With the government calling for social distancing thanks to the coronavirus pandemic have forced churches to cancel weekly gatherings. Many church leaders decided to build a church community online.

To help facilitate this, church consulting groups and non-secular leaders have posted guides to deal with concerns that pastors have about creating an online ministry – technological issues and resources required to form this move. A survey of 1,500 church leaders within the United States released around March found 41% of pastors were battling the technological side of this move.

The same study suggested that around half of the church leaders struggled to make an interactive church through online services, a virtual church as other call it. Below is a suggested list of building a church community online.

4 Steps to Start the Online Churches in Your Community

Develop a System.

Why is that this important? You would like a system and set of goals to understand if you’re winning. Sit down (with your thoughts and with others) and determine the following:

 • How does an online church upkeep the overall mission and goals of the church?

 • What are our short-term and long-term goals for church online?

 • How will you communicate about online church to your current attenders?

 • Will you treat church online as a campus?

 • What equipment does one need?

 • What platform will you select, and who is going to be your streaming provider?

Present Your Strategy to Your Leadership.

This is often a significant step because having buy-in from your senior leadership is crucial to the success of your online church. Why? Because before you’ll start moving forward, you and your leadership got to have the same expectations. Your leadership should see the large picture and believe in your ability to execute on your strategy.

Even if your church is hugely informal, don’t just toss stuff together. Have a sound presentation that clearly states your plan is and the way you plan to execute it. Suggest creating a 6 to 12-month plan and a budget before presenting it to your leadership.

Create an Idea of Execution.

Developing a solid foundation begins together with your plan of execution. Put dates on the calendar and make tasks that have got to be accomplished to launch your online ministry.

Don’t forget the people! Remember, an online church is a community around content and not just content streamed online.

How will you connect people to their next steps? Encourage them to return? What happens after people associate with your ministry online? How are you getting to communicate the vision, mission, and, therefore, the goals of the ministry? What happens after someone gives his or her life to Christ online? These are questions you want to wrestle with as a part of your execution plan.

Build Your Team.

One thing is exceptionally sure— you cannot do this alone, and you don’t want to! You would like to possess a reliable team around you. Search for volunteers who have the heart to serve and desire to form a difference for Christ by praying and chatting online with those that attend church online. Invest in your team! Help them appreciate how to use the platform.

If you’ve taken these steps and have decided that creating an online ministry is the right move for your church, then go ahead and start sharing the gospel of Christ through the web.

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