Better Together

Just like a football player has a team, we encourage you to get to know other Christians who you can walk with in your new way of life. One of the best places to find these friends will be at church. One of our core values here at ARISE says: Life is Better When Experienced Together. The church isn’t just a place you go to on Sundays; it’s the place where you find like-minded people who are pursuing God together.
br> Think about it this way. If you were to begin living in a foreign country, you would benefit from being with someone who speaks the language, knows the lay of the land and could help you thrive in that country. As a new believer in Christ, you will have questions, struggles and moments of sheer delight. Your church family will be there to not only share in those moments but to also guide and help you along the way. So, the next time you’re at church, why not take a moment and sign up for a group, class or just introduce yourself to a friendly face.

Today, we encourage you to read Acts chapter 2 paying close attention to versus 42-47.