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Out With the Old In With the New

There’s an old expression that goes something like this… Out with the old, in with the new. It literally means to let go of the past and move forward. It’s phrase that means that something is easier said than done. For example if you have an old couch and are getting a new one, it might be easy to toss the old one out. But if you have a relationship that is tired and worn out, it may not be as easy. The same is true for your new life with Christ.

Some will tell you that when you accept Jesus as your Savior you need to stop hanging out with your old friends, stop hanging out in the same places that you used to hang out with and start living your new life. Well, yes and no. The thing is that you are now a new creation and there will be some parts of your life that just don’t fit any more. You may find that the way you speak changes. You may find that you don’t the same things that you once did. Just remember that becoming like Christ is a process. I remember leading a friend to the Lord and after she said Amen the very first thing she asked me was if she needed to give up drinking. I reminded her that she now has a relationship with Jesus and He, through His Word and His Spirit would refine her life over time. Her job was simply to develop her relationship with Him. The rest usually begins to take care of itself.

The same wisdom applies here as well. You see, while your spirit is now new, it may take time for God to work out some of your old habits and help you create new, healthy ones. So, don’t focus on the rules. Focus on God. Focus on your relationship with Him. Get to know Him and over time, He’ll work out the rest.

Today, read Colossians 3:1-17.