Where should I serve? Do I have skills that can be used? Is there a place for me? Yes, yes and yes! When you were born, through the power of your DNA, God designed you with specific skills and abilities. They were in embryo form but over time, you have been discovering, exploring and developing them. For some, it’s the ability to communicate. For others, it’s a technical ability, and for others it’s the ability to show hospitality. The list goes on.

In the same way, on the day that you gave your life to Jesus and your spirit was born again, God gave you spiritual gifts. How cool is that? He gave you gifts on your spiritual birthday. Gifts that that will be developed and will mature through service. You may have been given a gift of generosity or of of the desire to pray for others. You may have been given a teaching gift or any combination of other gifts. These gifts are designed to compliment your natural skills and abilities. We encourage you to find a place at ARISE and begin the journey of discovering your gifts and how awesome it us to use them in the church.

Take the time today to begin the journey of discovery by taking this assessment.

Then, to learn more read 1 Corinthians chapter 12.