The Power of Words

Did you know that the average woman speaks approximately 5000 words a day and the average man 2000? That’s a lot of words! Maybe you already knew that, but did you know that your words have power? It’s true! In fact, through your words you have the power to speak life or death. Every time you open your mouth, you are aligning your words either with the kingdom of God or the dominion of darkness. You are lining them up with either what God says or what the devil says.

Our job as believers is to allow God to so fill our heart that His words and thoughts overflow off of our tongue. We are to use our words to bless and not curse. We are encouraged though scripture to speak love and not hate. We are called by God to lift others up and not tear anyone down. When we align our mouth with the what God says powerful things begin to happen. Often, they begin in us. We begin to think of ourselves and other people the way God see things. It changes what we say, think and see. Do you want to change your life? Change your words!

Today read Proverbs 18:21 and Proverbs 12:18.