Created for Purpose

In most families, every member has a job in the household. For some it’s taking out the trash, for others it’s doing the dishes, and for almost all ages, it’s making the bed. God’s family isn’t any different. You and I were created in His image to represent Him on the earth. In fact, in Genesis chapter 1:27-28, after He created Adam and Eve, God blessed them and then gave them a job. He told them to be fruitful and multiply and to take dominion over everything on the earth. Which if you think about it is a pretty big job.

You might be wondering if God could have handled that all by Himself. He definitely could have. After all, He’s God. Instead, he chose to empower His children, to assume responsibility in managing His creation. It was God’s original desire that every human being would be His child, not just His creation. It was also His desire that as His children we would enter into the family business. The business of reflecting His goodness and glory on the earth. Reflecting His glory just means that we are becoming more like Him and that when people see the good in us it points people to Him so that they can come to know Him too. It’s what gives our lives new purpose. We have a role to play in the story of creation that God is weaving on the earth. How you do it is a process of personal discovery. Knowing that you were created it to do it gives life meaning.

As we conclude Day 2, consider taking a moment to read Genesis chapter 1:27-28 and 2 Corinthians 3:18.