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The end from the beginning

Parents can often tell from the look in their child’s eye when they are going to be mischievous and when they are going to be rebellious. In the same way, God knew that when he gave Adam and Eve free will, there was the possibility that they would be disobedient. While it disappointed Him, it didn’t shock Him. He foresaw what would happen and planned accordingly. He also didn’t destroy his human children for their rebellion which is good news for those of us who grew up thinking that God was just waiting to bring down the hammer. God was gracious. Instead of giving them what they deserved, He forgave them and redeemed them, while still allowing them to feel the impact of the consequences for their choices.

Sin entered the world through Adam and Eve’s disobedience, separating us from God the Father. Our sin separates us from God as well. That’s why we need a Savior. The Bible makes it clear that God saw what was coming and had a plan of forgiveness and salvation in place before the rebellion ever happened. That plan of salvation required God becoming a man named Jesus.

Even though you have walked through life up to this point separated from God, He saw the end of your life from the beginning. By accepting Jesus as your Savior, your life has been redeemed from an eternal life separated from Him and restored your relationship with God.

Today, read Romans 6:15-23.