Brent Simpson has been in ministry since 1998 and is currently the lead pastor of ARISE Church. He serves as the Presbyter for Section 10 of the Pen Florida District of the Assemblies of God, oversee’s ARISE School of Ministry, Dad’s Coaching, Inc. and Elsa’s House of Hope (orphanage). Brent serves on multiple ministry boards and committees. Brent also serves as a church consultant specializing in revitalizing existing coaches.

He has ministered as a youth pastor, music pastor, senior pastor, evangelist, apologist, teacher and musician. He has been a key speaker at conferences, conventions, rally’s, revivals and the like. He has ministered in over thirty countries and well over 100 churches. He is the author of Where’s the Beef? Reclaiming the Power of God in your Life and Ministry , The Man’s Manifesto: Rediscovering the Man within the Male, the TRUTH Apologetic curriculum and several other books and curriculums. Pastor Brent & his wife Ada are passionate about leading people to Jesus, and consistently see healings, deliverance and other miraculous signs in their meetings.

He holds a Bachelor of Arts in philosophy and Apologetics and a Master of Arts in Ministerial Leadership.

He has three children, and has been married to his wife Ada since 2000.