I made a decision for Jesus

Did you make a decision to follow Jesus?
That’s awesome! Me too.

On March 6th, 1997 I (Pastor Brent) surrendered my life to Jesus and have never been the same since. I was changed forever. I suddenly had a new hope and a new sense of peace with God. It’s hard to fully express the change that had taken place inside of me, but I was reborn. I was new. The old had gone, the new had come. Color’s seemed brighter. Life had a new zest. And I discovered an excitement for the things of God. If you are reading this, then you may be experiencing the same rebirth that I experienced so many years ago. Or, if you desire this experience, then I would encourage you to give your life to Jesus as well. It’s all about surrendering your life to Jesus. This will mean you are choosing to change your ways (repentance) and following Christ from now on.

Now, let’s talk about your story. Your story begins with a response to the Holy Spirit. Your first step is to begin to understand the decision you just made!

If that’s you, then I encourage you to pray this prayer with a sincere faith:
“Jesus, forgive me of my sins. I choose to repent of my old lifestyle, and instead, from this day forward I choose to surrender my life completely to you. Make me new. Change me from the inside out. Clothe me in the righteousness of Jesus. Because I am yours forevermore. In Jesus name, Amen”

If you just surrendered your life to Jesus, the Bible declares that the Angels in heaven are celebrating! …and so are Pastor Ada and myself! And we are praying that this day starts a new life in which, like I had in 1997, you will NEVER be the same! In fact, I encourage you to mark this day and celebrate it annually as your Re-Birth Day!

Now that you have surrendered to Christ, here are 3 simple next steps.

I encourage you to set a time and place to read the Bible and pray (communicate with God) every day. I recommend you begin reading the Bible in the Gospel of John. The YouVersion Bible app  is a great way to read the Bible on your phone or tablet, and it also has a lot of great devotionals and resources.

Water baptism is a public declaration of the inward change that has happened in you. At ARISE, we prepare you for baptism through a series of videos to ensure you understand what baptism is and why you are making the decision. For more information about our upcoming baptisms, stop by the Connections Desk and/or check our Events page to register.

As a new or rededicated believer, one of the most impactful ways to deepen your relationship with God is by connecting with other believers who are actively living out their faith. As an easy first step, we encourage you to text “Jesus” to 813-940-5616 to receive a free 21 Day Devotional. Next, join the Next Steps Experience followed by a Discipleship Group. Groups make a big church feel small! Discipleship groups are video-based teachings that walk through the essentials of Christian living.

arise new believers

Also, please let me know that you just made the decision to give your life to Christ by filling out the form below.

Pastor Ada and I are so excited and honored to be a small part of your “Re-birth Day.” Our whole Arise team is praying for you and are here for you as you take these first steps in your new life.

-Pastor Brent Simpson

Did you accept Jesus today?

Let us know!

If you prayed the prayer of salvation and accepted Jesus as your Savior today, please let us know. We want to support you and help you as you continue to grow in your relationship with Him.