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Southshore 101: How to Create a Youth Sermon

Youth in prayer

Youth sermons, are they important? Most would say they are but are they necessary? The truth is that most preachers would love to have one of those huge church camps where all the kids come, and they all sing hymns and praise God. Unfortunately, though most camps teach the kids only what they need to hear from a book, without the scriptures and the Bible’s true stories, kids lose out on the true knowledge found in the word of God.

Youth Sermon Based Movies

Here is a simple way you can start teaching your children about the Word of God and the importance of their hearts. Take some time on the internet to look up some youth sermon based movies. There is a huge difference between the youth sermon based movies and the other movies out there. Most churches put the same film on several occasions for the summer months, which confuses the kids when it comes to what is being taught.

Most movies out there are made by young people at heart or want to make a good movie. They don’t take the time to look like they are preaching to an entire congregation, which is necessary. Look up some youth sermons and watch how the Preacher seems like he’s got a big beard and wears suits. That’s not the most impressive thing to look like; he looks like he could be any one of the preachers from the Bible.

Youth Sermon Based on the Word 

So what is needed to make a youth sermon based on the Word of God? First, we need to have the right words. Most churches are trying to teach their youth to talk with their mouth but really, what we need to do is hear the voice of God. We need to see what he is saying. Look up the book of Acts; we will find many amazing things in there. We can look at how the women held Paul captive, we can look at how the daughters of Sapphira were willing to die for Jesus, and we can even find the tomb of Christ.

If we read the book of Acts, we will find many amazing things that we can learn from. The women of Ephesus took their garments off and washed them in the river, a very famous event in Acts. Then they laid their garments on a cross. This is all about the women of Ephesus, they wanted to show that Jesus washed their clothes, and that was why they showed their feet down; it was a good youth sermon title. We can use this same philosophy when we are preaching to our children.


In closing, you must relate directly to the people in your audience, and you must find out what they want to hear, what kind of problems they are having in their lives, then share solutions to those problems with them. It would be best if you showed them that you understand what they are struggling with, so you have to understand the youth group culture you are preaching to. In closing, I want to say that as teachers of scripture, we must learn to be very cognizant of our audience, and we must relate to them intimately; we must show them what they want and how we can help them.