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March 2021

youth church groups

What is the Purpose of a Youth Group in a Church?

A youth group in a church requires a lot of commitment and planning for it to be successful. Sometimes it’s not necessarily clear what the youth group does or their purpose within the church. How are activities organized? What is the age range in a youth group? What is known by most is that the children are the future; they must be encouraged to be more spiritually inclined and develop… Read More »What is the Purpose of a Youth Group in a Church?

drive-in church

Drive-in Church Guidelines

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed everything about the way we socialize, and church services are no exception. The drive-in church has emerged as an alternative that allows members to maintain the fellowship that they need while staying safe during these unprecedented times. As you set up a drive-in church service, there are numerous guidelines that you can put into place to help keep everyone as safe as possible.   Consider… Read More »Drive-in Church Guidelines

Church Gathering

Church Gathering: Is It Now Safe?

As the world deals with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, many previous activities need alterations to ensure personal safety. A church gathering, coffee shop, or places like local libraries, can be hot spots for infection if safety measures are not in place. If you are looking to transition from online to live gathering spaces for your worship, the Arise Church in Brandon is doing everything it can to ensure your safety.… Read More »Church Gathering: Is It Now Safe?