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turtle floating upsidedown churchattendance

Church Attendance – Don’t be a Turtle

Recently, a video circulated on Social Media of a turtle who somehow had found himself upside floating on his shell in a lily pond. Struggle as he might, he could not seem to turn himself right side up. The video showed that poor little guy kicking up a storm and yet, in spite of all of that activity, he kept turning in circles. I can only imagine how frustrating it… Read More »Church Attendance – Don’t be a Turtle

Church for kids new normal

Church For Kids In The New Normal Way

Churches across the nation have spent almost a year waiting for the “new normal” to start. For many places of worship, the time has finally come. Regular services and extra activities are finally getting back in to full swing. For those in the children’s ministry, the question now remains, “What exactly is the new normal?” Keeping children enthused about church was already difficult. How can children’s ministries today incorporate new… Read More »Church For Kids In The New Normal Way

attending church

Why Attending Church Is Beneficial To You

For many people attending church is just something you do because you always have. Perhaps your parents always took you to church, so you simply carried on the tradition without giving it much thought. Or perhaps you have never attended church and you feel that you’ve been okay so far without it, what’s the big deal? Church can be an important and enriching experience on many levels. It is important to… Read More »Why Attending Church Is Beneficial To You

Worship with Kids

Worship With Kids

Children’s ministry has a special set of challenges. How can we make something as serious as church, and as important as the message of the Gospel fun and appealing to children? There is no doubt that the Great Commission extends to children as well as adults, but there is also no doubt that the approaches we use for these two groups are going to be very different. Let’s look at… Read More »Worship With Kids

youth church groups

What is the Purpose of a Youth Group in a Church?

A youth group in a church requires a lot of commitment and planning for it to be successful. Sometimes it’s not necessarily clear what the youth group does or their purpose within the church. How are activities organized? What is the age range in a youth group? What is known by most is that the children are the future; they must be encouraged to be more spiritually inclined and develop… Read More »What is the Purpose of a Youth Group in a Church?

drive-in church

Drive-in Church Guidelines

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed everything about the way we socialize, and church services are no exception. The drive-in church has emerged as an alternative that allows members to maintain the fellowship that they need while staying safe during these unprecedented times. As you set up a drive-in church service, there are numerous guidelines that you can put into place to help keep everyone as safe as possible.   Consider… Read More »Drive-in Church Guidelines

Church Gathering

Church Gathering: Is It Now Safe?

As the world deals with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, many previous activities need alterations to ensure personal safety. A church gathering, coffee shop, or places like local libraries, can be hot spots for infection if safety measures are not in place. If you are looking to transition from online to live gathering spaces for your worship, the Arise Church in Brandon is doing everything it can to ensure your safety.… Read More »Church Gathering: Is It Now Safe?


Solitude: A Gift To Create Personal Freedom

The type of solitude which refreshes a Christian soul is more than simply separation from others. It is actually the temporary divine practice of temporarily withdraw from all others for personal spiritual purposes. Sometimes the time of quiet will last only minutes or for several days. However, if one chooses to live in this solitude for an extended period, it usually includes daily prayers and devotions for the Lord. To… Read More »Solitude: A Gift To Create Personal Freedom

Drive in to Church

Drive-in Church – Why It’s Important to Follow Rules When Driving in Church

Many churches are renting church grounds and buildings for special events like weddings and other community events. It’s a lot of fun to drive through the grounds when you’re having your wedding, but how do you get ready for the event before you hit the road? Driving in the church is very different than driving on the road. You have to be aware of your surroundings at all times and… Read More »Drive-in Church – Why It’s Important to Follow Rules When Driving in Church

attending church

Church Online Vs Attending Church

Choosing the time and place for your next service can be an intimidating task for most people. There are many considerations to make before making this decision. One of the most important is to know the differences between attending a church online. This article will help you by providing the basic overview of the differences between attending Church online and visiting a traditional Church in person. An Online Church is… Read More »Church Online Vs Attending Church