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turtle floating upsidedown churchattendance

Church Attendance – Don’t be a Turtle

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Recently, a video circulated on Social Media of a turtle who somehow had found himself upside floating on his shell in a lily pond. Struggle as he might, he could not seem to turn himself right side up. The video showed that poor little guy kicking up a storm and yet, in spite of all of that activity, he kept turning in circles. I can only imagine how frustrating it… Read More »Church Attendance – Don’t be a Turtle


Arise Kids: A Ministry for Keeps

Kids Ministry is an organization that is designed to help children reach their full potential in life. This ministry has evolved over time as a significant force in our society. The main purpose of this ministry is to help children develop spiritually and grow spiritually while at the same time helping them grow in daily activities. The main aim of a Kids Ministry is the promotion of the church in… Read More »Arise Kids: A Ministry for Keeps

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How to Maintain an Online Church for Kids

A few years ago, I attended a seminar on how to start an online church for kids. In it, I got an earful about all the negative press that “traditional” churches have gotten lately. It’s not my fault; although the media has done a good job of making us think that our children will be safer if we have a brick and mortar church, the statistics don’t back this up.… Read More »How to Maintain an Online Church for Kids