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How to Build Thriving Youth Church Groups in Southshore

Church Groups

Do you want to know how to build thriving youth church groups in Southshore? First thing first – understand what your goal is.  Say, for example, you have an existing youth group; do you want to grow that? Of course, we can easily measure a successful group once we grow its membership. But is that what we want? Let us always put in mind that we need quality members over a large number of members. It’s healthier and more realistic that way.

So, how can we lead our youth groups in a way that they organically grow? Let us show you some tips:

1. Love those you’ve got

This is number one on our list just because it should be. No matter how many members you have in your youth group, love them. Let other parents see how you take care of your members, this way they will  want their children to be a part of your group.

2. Build community

Meeting the youth group each time is an opportunity to share your lives. Inquire about how their week went. What are some things that they have discovered about themselves, and what lessons have they learned that they want to bring with them as they grow up? Teach your thriving youth church group to invest in one another – to build their lives on their own but together. This helps each one of them create and forge more friendships, accountability, and trust. With that in mind, if other people see how much love there is in your youth group, they get more interested in being a part of your church group.

3. Socials

If you have been a member of a group or church communities growing up, you know that scheduling social events is a thing. People enjoy it. The youth loves getting together and hang out – with that, you should be organizing events and adding them to your social calendar. This is one way for the members to come together once a week or every two weeks and inviting their peers to hang out with the church group.

 4. Involve Children More

Since we do have a kid’s ministry, we encourage and invite them to our youth gatherings. Let them assist, allow them to help with tasks. It does not matter what the job is – get them involved. This creates a sense of belongingness and builds up character. For all you know, the next leader of the youth is from your kid’s ministry!

5. Publicity

Creating publicity for your thriving youth church group should be on your list when planning to build it. Make leaflets with cool infographics that will encourage others to join your group. Before each term ends, generate a program enticing and intriguing enough for other youth to join. Make it as realistic as possible. ‘Don’t make promises you can’t keep’ as they say.

We want to encourage young people to join our youth group, yes. But these steps’ objective is not to intentionally do that. Even in social media, we want an organic following. We want people to come and listen to us because they believe the same things that we do. We want them to see what’s unique with our thriving youth church group that they would like to experience it themselves.